Application for membership to Burnaby Lake Rowing Club can be made by going to Rowing Canada’s Web Registration (WebReg) website.

Membership to the rowing club will not be considered until WebReg has been completed. Please note that remitting fees and completing WebReg does not mean that the membership has been granted.

BLRC Membership Fees: (set November 2018)

All members are required to pay the base club fees as outlined below.

  • Adults $775
    ($740 BLRC Annual Membership + $20 RCA + $15 RBC)
  • U23/Youth $725
    ($690 BLRC Annual Membership + $20 RCA + $15 RBC)
  • Summer students (May-October) $435
    ($400 BLRC Short-term Membership + $20 RCA + $15 RBC)
  • Learn-to-Row $360
    ($325 BLRC Short-term Membership +$20 RCA + $15 RBC)
  • Non-Rowing and National Team Member $115.00

Descriptions of Fee Categories:

Adult Club membership with coaching
This is the standard annual membership for anyone rowing with the club over the age of 23.

U23/Youth membership with coaching
This category is for athletes under 23 years old and want annual membership with coaching.

Summer Students with coaching
Full membership for athletes under 23 years old for 6 months (May to October). This category can convert to full membership.

Learn-to-Row Program
This is for individuals of all ages, wanting to join a Learn-to-Row program.

Non-rowing members
For members who want to support the club but do not row. Also for national team members.