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Application for membership to Burnaby Lake Rowing Club can be made by filling in the membership form. All rowers who require supervision, as determined by the club, shall also pay for coaching. New athletes to BLRC must additionally sign up for coaching and participate in at least 1 season of regular club rowing sessions. Rowers requiring supervision include, but are not limited to, youth (at all times) and anyone in their first year of training in a 1x.

Membership to the rowing club will not be considered until forms and membership fees are received and Rowing Canada's Web Registration (WebReg) is completed. Remitting fees and a membership form does not mean that the membership has been accepted.

Forms and RCA Webreg:

Application for Membership Form - Use this form to apply for/renew club membership and sign up for coaching seasons.

Coaching Form - Use this form to sign up for additional coaching seasons not on membership application form.

WebReg - Use this link to "join a program" through RCA's Web Registration system.

BLRC Membership Fees: (set November 2016)

All members are required to pay the club base fees as outlined below.

Adults $470.00
U23 $430.00
Youth $430.00(a person 18 years or under on January 1 of the current year)
National Team Member $105.00
Non-rowing Supporter $105.00

Coaching Fees: (set November 2012)
Coaching fees at BLRC are paid on a seasonal basis. They are optional for rowers who do not require supervision, as determined by the club.

3 seasons = $336 (20% discount for signing up for 3 seasons)
2 seasons = $252 (10% discount for signing up for 2 seasons)
1 season = $140
(Rowers requiring supervision must pay coaching fees)